Friday, October 11, 2013

Welcome...just a peak at what I'm about and how I want to help ALL parents!!

Hi and welcome to my blog! I am here to share my thoughts, feelings, and most of all suggestions on how to help being more than a parent!!! I have lots of tips and would like to get all of yours as well.  Having to balance so many roles everyday, we need the time to be...simply me. We get so consumed in the notion of what we should be and shouldn't.  I feel trapped in the "mom role" and lose who I am...I know I am not alone in this boat. I'd like this to be a space where we can all help each other and learn how to beat some of life struggles and start to enjoy that we are who we are.  I would like to talk about single parenting and co-parenting, what differs and what is the same.  Money!! Savings!! Time savings!! Cooking!! and all our other daily needs as much as wants.  Keeping things positive and up beat to help with that extra smile and encouragement to get you through the day.  I personally LOVE as much encouragement, positive attitude, and ahhhh moments to help push me during the day.  Thank you so much for reading and I hope that you will join me on the road to being more than a parent!!

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